Upcycled three pence coin - 1967

gold 3d cufflinks.jpg
gold 3d cufflinks.jpg

Upcycled three pence coin - 1967


BRITISH 3 PENCE - COIN CUFFLINKS (Both Sides are Displayed)

There are two sides to each coin and this set of cufflinks show both. One  side depicts young Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse side depicts a Portullis Gate. A portcullis was a heavy grilled door that dropped vertically down through slots or guides, and most often protected the main entrance of a castle. Even though these vintage coins are no longer in use, they are not forgotten. 

We know that your personal style is of utmost importance to you. These small 12 sided brass coins when combined with golden mounts are the perfect adornment for a crisp white cuff.


♦ Coin's Origin: United Kingdom 
♦ Denomination: Threepence
♦ Composition: Copper / Nickel
♦ Color: Brass 
♦ Size of Coin: 21mm Diameter - 12 Sided (U.S. Nickel 21.21mm)
♦ Toggle: Golden 

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