Personalised Jewellery

With the invention of a new material called PMC (Precious Metal Clay) it is possible to capture fingerprints in pure silver as a lasting keepsake. As the jewellery is made for each individual customer each piece may be personalised.

  • With the invention of a new material called Precious Metal Clay (PMC) it is now possible to capture fingerprints and handprints in pure silver as a lasting keepsake.

  • If you are looking for the perfect gift for your partner or keepsake for a mum, dad, godparent or grandparent, Loving Spoonful Jewellery will have something to suit your needs. As the jewellery is made for each individual customer each piece may be personalised to exactly meet your requirements.

  • If you would like to order a unique piece, get in touch using the contact form or order the fingerprint kit from the shop

Personalised Jewellery




  • Small Pendant /charm size - £35

  • Medium Pendant – £45

  • Large Pendant – £55

  • Double stacked Pendant – £95

  • Solid Silver Pandora style charm carrier and charm – £55

  • Cufflinks – £80

  • Dog Tag – £65

  • Keyring – £70





Shapes available

  • Round

  • Square

  • Rectangle

  • Heart

  • Flower

  • Teardrop





The Process

 The actual print taking process takes only 10 minutes, but does mean a trip to the Loving Spoonful Studio in Kilkeel with the child/children or if this is not practical it may be done by post. The piece then takes about a week to finish, although items may be made up at short notice, subject to other commitments.

Images on Silver

 Children’s artwork and hand and footprints are becoming increasingly popular images on jewellery and the technology is available to reproduce any black and white image onto jewellery. These techniques may be used to produce cat and dog paw prints, kiss imprints, dog nose prints,a child's own artwork, baby scan images…. the options are endless.

It is possible to set coloured stones into the silver and hand and footprint charms coloured with UV resin are also available.

 In Memoriam Jewellery

If you are visiting this page following the loss of a loved one we realise that this is a time of great sadness for you, but many customers who have bought items in memoriam have said that the piece of jewellery has brought great comfort to them. If you wish to have a piece made to remember a loved one it would be an honour to do so. We also deal with many enquiries from bereaved parents. Our deepest sympathy and thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. If you have prints taken by your midwife and would wish to have a special item made please email them to us and we will advise if they are suitable to use.



When your order is received you will be sent a kit with everything that you need to take your impressions or alternatively you can call out to my studio in Kilkeel to have the impressions taken. Taking the prints is a straightforward process and will not take more than a few minutes of your time. Detailed instructions are providedin each kit and a pre-paid envelope in which to return your impressions is supplied. Please allow 21 days from my receipt of your impressions to completion.



Message: Hi John I would like to thank you for the pendant you made for my daughter. I received it yesterday and she loved it. She will treasure it as it is so special to her and brings her comfort when she wears it. It is beautiful and the quality is superb. Once again thank you for your personal fast efficient and first class customer service that we received 
A big THANK-YOU to Loving Spoonful for the fathers day gift I received for my husband!! I got the kids handprints onto a sterling silver keyring, so he can carry it everywhere. Such a personal keepsake, a real special gift!!
Thank you so much for my beautiful necklace, it’s so much more than what I was expecting, I’ve barely had it off since receiving it. Even the 3 children were excited when they saw it. It’s such a gorgeous keepsake and I’ll always treasure it.
I’ve had so many comments about it and have directed people to your website so hopefully you’ll receive future business because of it.


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