Hand-crafted ECO jewellery upcycled from antique/vintage cutlery - sILVER sPOON rINGS AND fORK bRACELETS

Bespoke Jewellery handmade from Antique and Vintage Spoons and  Forks 

Handmade in Ireland  - Everything old is new again :)

Be Original wear something unique! 
Thank you for buying handmade.




What is Loving Spoonful?


Loving Spoonful is a company specialising in hand-crafted silver jewellery made from antique and vintage cutlery.

The jewellery is hand crafted by John Bird, Kilkeel , Northern Ireland. The rings are made from recycled vintage silver cutlery. Rings made from spoons!  Spoon and fork bracelets,cuffs and pendants are also made from upcycled vintage spoons and forks.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value

The  Duchess of Cornwall has even received a silver teaspoon ring and a sugar tong bracelet from John Bird!








Handprint / Fingerprint Jewellery


Loving Spoonful also produces bespoke handprint and fingerprint jewellery. Miniaturised hand or footprints, pawprints and baby scan prints can be embedded in fine silver. Have a look at the examples in the Personalised Jewellery section of the website.